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Almost an hour away from Thessaloniki, heading southeast towards the peninsula of Chalkidiki, you must be prepared to face the miracle of nature. The real gem of all summer destinations is located in the root of Sithonia, the middle of the three legs. Its name, Vourvourou, though strange and hard to pronounce, is familiar to them who have been there at least once. Even if you pass by while wondering around, it is more than certain that you will stop to enjoy a swim and either stay for a day or two, or settle to spend your whole holiday time trapped between the mountain, the gulf and the islands. Stunning sea views, a rich forest, a lot of sand and crystal clear sea water, along with a lot of recreation and relax, is all somebody needs to pick this place as the ultimate summer destination. Do not expect a traditional village or a well organized summer resort, but everything a visitor needs, is there. A few mini markets, a hint of night entertainment, fast food places, some quality restaurants and tavernas, as well as a lot of tasteful pizza. The capital town, Aghios Nikolaos, is just a 10 minute drive away. Local public transport is limited, so ideally have your own vehicle with you. Concluding, Vourvourou is excellent for families, lonely travelers and young or elderly couples.